Umbraco is a great CMS for creating custom websites. It's open source, free, and easy to customise using common development tools. With good architecture and skilled developers, it can be used to build robust and large complex sites. We have been building both small and large mobile websites with Umbraco for over 10 years and we are now at Umbraco 7.

5 reasons why we prefer to use Umbraco:

  1. Umbraco is open source. This means we don't own it, so you can host it elsewhere, and take it with you if we part company. It also makes it easy for developers all over the world to make new plugins and share them.
  2. Umbraco CMS is free. What this means for the website owner is that there are NO yearly license fees, and you can host it on a wide variety of servers.
  3. Umbraco is a .NET CMS, meaning it's based on Microsoft's .NET platform. This makes it easy to integrate with Microsoft business software and databases.
  4. Umbraco let's us design they way we want to - it's NOT a set of themed templates. Whatever we design, if it's possible on the web we can make it work in Umbraco, so we or your agency can design your website to suit your brand rather than to fit a template. Separation of content and having control over the HTML allows us to be sure it complies with standards. 
  5. Umbraco is popular both globally and in New Zealand and Australia, so there is a good knowledge base and a good resource of developers. Most graduate programmers have a good understanding of .NET and can quickly get up to speed with developing in Umbraco.

We would be happy to discuss the other reasons why Umbraco is a good choice for a company wanting a robust and future proof website, and not wanting to be saddled with a proprietary CMS. 

If you just landed on this page, an introduction is in order. Phosphor is a .NET mobile and web development company based in Auckland. We are Microsoft Certified Partners with Silver competency in Web Development and Software Development. Find our more about Phosphor, or contact us for a meeting in person or via Skype.