Shifting 6 substantial websites from one CMS into another was a good challenge for our first web development job for SKYCITY.

SKYCITY Entertainment Group Limited is the leading entertainment and gaming business in New Zealand, with a great brand and an iconic status. A New Zealand and Australian listed company, SKYCITY operates casinos in New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown) and Australia (Adelaide and Darwin), alongside a variety of industry-leading restaurants and bars, luxury hotels and convention centres.

Our brief was to move the very large amount of content from the existing CMS and into a new one. This could then be followed by new sites with responsive designs for smart phones and tablets.

The first job was to write an application to export the information from the old CMS databases and import it into the new one, making new pages and transferring images and media into new templates at the same time. All URLs which changed in the process were re-directed so as not to damage the search engine rankings.

Writing the application took quite a bit of time and testing before it was ready to run on the different websites. Differences in the way the database was set up meant we had to make slight adjustments for each site, but the whole process went remarkably smoothly.

We made some extra controls to connect the websites with hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, and events systems used in the casinos, restaurants, and hotels, and to add options so the design and marketing team can easily create new forms and promotions.


The transition was smooth, and the implementation of the websites is proving robust for large numbers of visitors. We have continued working with SKYCITY on additional functionality and updating their websites to incorporate new designs and features.