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More about Phosphor

At Phosphor we've been working with UX, web development and touchscreens since these were new words. We're based in Auckland New Zealand and work with companies in NZ, Australia, the UK and US, developing a wide range of interactive web applications to meet their needs exactly. Our designers and .Net developers work with you to develop the best solutions - Mobile website development,  iPhone and iPad app development, and Touchscreen kiosks are all part of the portfolio. We also work with a range of Design and Advertising Agencies, making their great ideas into high performance and future proof interactive experiences. Take a look

Web Design & Development

Web Design

More than just pretty pages, our web design team host and develop many larger websites for NZ companies. We have the technical ability to manage comprehensive web development projects, and we'll work with you to build an intuitive website design that pushes the boundaries for your business. Take a look at some web design examples or talk to us today…

Touchscreen kiosks

Touch Screen Kiosks

With over 18 years' experience in NZ and Australia, we're experts in touchscreen kiosk software development, and know the ins and outs of kiosk design and usability very well. Whether it's a transactional kiosk or information point you're looking for, our partnerships in the kiosk hardware industry mean rollout and support for your project is simple. Take a look at our kiosks

Mobile web & app development

Mobile Application

Mobile web development is changing the way many companies interact with their customers, and it's not as hard as you think to get involved. We have the experience and technical ability in iPad and iPhone app development, as well as Android technology, to enhance the way you do business - just talk to us about the possibilities…